we buy old newspapers

We buy old newspapers from Belgium, France, Italy, Netherland, U.K.

Our collection of newspapers comes from countless attics or cellars.
Purchase of Belgian newspaper collections.
Purchase of French newspaper collections.
Purchase of Dutch newspaper collections
Purchase of Italian newspaper collections

If you want to sell a collection, please mail us.

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Collection newspapers Sud-Ouest - Bordeaux 2006
Collection newspapers La Voix du Nord - Arras 2005
Palletizing newspapers Sud-Ouest - Bordeaux 2006
collection newspapers courrier de l'ouest et de France-soir - Niort 2006
Removal newspapers with a lift - Louvain 2015
Removal newspapers with a truck  - Louvain 2015

We use truks to move big lot of old newspapers.

Example here: Bordeaux, Niort, Louvain.