The Family Chronicle

The Family Chronicle

the family chronicle
To celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, our family chronicle makes the perfect gift.
This chronicle is a huge book covered with a Florentine paper, it is completely handmade by a bookbinder artisan; it includes authentic newspapers mentioning the wedding date, the birth date of the children, etc..
Between every newspaper are inserted blank pages allowing you
to personalize this volume with personal period documents, (photos, announce, menus of time, inscriptions, drawings...).
This family chronicle constitutes a very original and sentimental gift for parents and grandparents when commemorating a special birthday anniversary, like à 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th,70th and 80th birthday.
Color of the cover
folder blue


folder bordeaux


folder green



1. Basic package - 120 Euro.

This package includes the binding covered with a florentin paper of your choice, the personalization guilded and an authentic newspaper

2. Supplementary newspapers.

From 2020 till now
17 Euro
From 1990 till 2019
27 Euro
Earlier than 1990
29 Euro

3. Postal charges.

Country Shipping method Price Days*
Belgium Bpost 8 Euro 11
France-Monaco Colissimo suivi 11,80 Euro 15
France-Monaco Express delivery 21,20 Euro 12
Luxemburg-Netherland Post prior 13 Euro 15
Luxemburg-Netherland Express delivery 29,50 Euro 13
Eur. U. + Swiss Post prior 26 Euro **
Eur. U. + Swiss Express delivery 39,50 Euro **
Other countries Post prior ** **
Other countries Express delivery ** **

* working days after receipt of your payement

** see price and delivery conditions during the processing order